我們有完善和諧的團隊文化以及温暖工作环境。現有所有教師來自中國大陸和台灣, 並且大多數擁有國際教學經驗。我們相信每一個人都有自己獨特的專長及個人風格,每當有一位新教師加入我我們的時候,我們會安排一位資深老師帶領著她,幫助她發展所長。只要有熱誠用心學習,及接受新事物新的教學方法,定能在我校成為傑出的教育者。

We are hiring:

老師 (Teachers )

Interns (Bilingual)

Course Consultant (Bilingual)


•对幼儿有爱心, 對兒童教育有真正的熱情



•有責任心, 具团队精神和良好的沟通能力 ,富有創造性,有耐心、愛心和熱情



•对幼儿有爱心, 對兒童教育有真正的熱情



•有責任心, 具团队精神和良好的沟通能力 ,富有創造性,有耐心、愛心和熱情


•具有幼兒教育資格、学前教育專業學歷, 以及數學、科學的教學經驗將優先考慮

Interns (Bilingual)

Mulberry House offer year around internship to high school/university students to work in a dynamic environment with various disciplines including marketing, teaching and administration. We will support you to develop new skills and broaden your exposure, which will enable you to better prepare for the future transition from study to work, and understand your future career interests. Core tasks include:

  • Supervising students and assisting teachers in preparing for lesson materials

  • Capturing, analysing and editing photos and videos

  • Market research and digital media

  • General administrate tasks and enquiries


  • Permanent resident or valid visa/HKID to work in Hong Kong SAR

  • Good communication skills, high proficiency in English and Mandarin

  • Strong can-do and hands-on attitude, positive, and a dedicated team player 

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Hardworking, flexible, commited, reliable, and self-motivated