Chinese New Year Camp (Feb 12 - Mar 1 2018)


Suitable for 2 – 8 years ~ Early Bird 20% off before 27 Jan


The Mulberry House CNY camps are a great way to engage your children, teach them Mandarin and share the excitement of the most important Chinese celebration of the year! Based in Central and One Island South, our passionate and experienced preschool teachers will lead your children through an exciting Chinese journey of discovery, exploring traditional elements such as lion dance, fireworks, lanterns, zodiacs etc; and learning through Chinese painting, paper cutting, traditional costume dress-up, dumpling cooking, and of course exciting stories, singing and dancing performances. 

Special offer: Enroll before Jan 27 to get a FREE trial and 20% off CNY camp.

Book a FREE trial and get discounted fees when you enrol for the camp. With very limited space, 2 co-teachers leading 8 children max, please call 5598 0509 or email to register.

報名方式:預定免費試課,即可獲得報名優惠 (快速提高孩子的普通話並且度過充滿樂趣的節假日吧! 超小班教學人數有限, 報名請致電5598 0509或發電子郵件至

Tuition Fee (Daily):

  • 2-3 Yrs: HKD 600 | 3-7 Yrs: HKD 1066
  • Enjoy 20% off early bird signing up before Jan 27 2018
  • Enjoy 8% off additional for enrolling for 6 days or more


  • 2-3 Yrs: 9-10:30 am; 10:30-12 noon; 3-4:30 pm
  • 3-5 Yrs: 9-12 noon; 2:30-5:30 pm 
  • 5-7 Yrs: 9-12 noon; 2:30-5:30 pm


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Week 1: Feb 12-15: An adventure discovering the many traditions associated with Chinese New Year through lion dance, Chinese painting of fireworks, Chinese calligraphy and writing New Years couplets, and hand making lai see envelopes.

Week 2 : Feb 20-23: 
A magical journey into China, learning fun facts about the Chinese Zodiac through Chinese paper cutting, CNY singing and dancing performance, making handmade paper costumes, and making dumplings (parents are invited to join for dumpling making on Feb 23rd Friday)

Week 3 : Feb  26 – Mar 1: An exciting learning journey about the legend of the lanterns, fireworks, and experiencing what it feels like to visit friends and family to "Bai Nian". Activities including making paper lantern from scratch, acrylic painting of fireworks, and doing Chinese traditional costume dress-up play.


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