Travelling to Hong Kong? It is the perfect chance for your child to  experience the beautiful city while brushing up on Mandarin Chinese! We customize age appropriate activities (8 Yrs - 12 Yrs) to immerse your child to learn and speak naturally in a Mandarin immersion environment.

    field trip
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    Taking fields trips and learning in the classrooms, your child will not only have a good grasp of daily conversational Mandarin, but also falling in love with the Mandarin language and culture.

    Following an IB approach, we learn about ourselves, our immediate environment and how to express ourselves in Mandarin:

    1. About ourselves (Numbers, colors, shapes, our body and clothes, our family members, greetings, self-introduction...)

    2. About the world around us (Fields trips to learn about nature and parks, food and supermarkets, tea and cafes, travelling around Hong Kong via different vehicles, museums and landmarks...)

    3. About Chinese Arts & Culture (Chinese water painting, paper cutting and crafting, making and cooking dumping and sticky balls...)

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    Central Campus

    Address:  Studio 2403, Universal Trade Center

                     17-19 Caine Road, Central

                     (Parking on Arbuthnot Road)

    Phone:      5598 0509

    Email:      uTC@mulberryHouseAsia.com


    Wong Chuk Hang Campus

    Address:  Studio 801-802, One Island South

                       2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang

                      (Parking in the same building)

    Phone:      5598 3636

    Email:       oIS@mulberryHouseAsia.com