“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.”

- Alfred Mercer


Hong Kong's Premier Mandarin Immersion Education for Early Learners (0 - 8 Yrs)

Reggio Emilia inspired, we focus on cultivating children's instinct ability to observe, explore and learn. Children learn about themselves and the world around them, through structured play and interaction in a 100% Mandarin immersion environment.



We are Hong Kong's 1st Reggio Emilia Inspired Mandarin Immersion School

We offer a nurturing and vibrant early childhood education in a Mandarin Chinese speaking environment.

With us, children develop their linguistic abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing; cultivating their love for the Mandarin language and its culture for the long term. 



Passionate Teachers, Happy Children

Children are respected and cared for with lots of personal attention in each class of maximum seven children. They are led by 2 hands-on educators, nurturing and inspiring them to learn and acquire Mandarin naturally.

With an intimate class size of 7 children with 2 experienced native teachers, each of our children receive real care and attention.


Our Creative Curriculum

We teach children about themselves and the world around them through exciting and relevant learning experiences such as music and rhymes, visual arts & crafts, magical science experiments, dramatic story telling and role playing, life skills and games.

Our curriculum is guided by the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the Chinese literacy programme for kindergartens. We are also the only school in Hong Kong offering an innovative Mandarin curriculum focusing on STEAM: Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts and Math.