According to the game-changing brain development research institution I-LABS (Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences), a child can learn a 2nd language with 1 hour exposure a day starting from birth. 0-5 Year old is the golden period of language acquisition, active learning and brain development. 

Your child's learning journey is full of surprises, the more encouragement and support he or she has, the more likely he or she will be successful. But what about the parents? 

This is exactly why we started this blog, we are here to support all of you: PARENTS raising bi-lingual or multi-lingual children (one of the languages being Mandarin). We will be publishing well researched articles, hosting parenting seminars, and leading parent and child workshops!



General Guides:


  • MH Youtube Channel For Stories and Songs: MulberryHouseAsia (click here
  • MH Spotify channel For Songs: Mandarin songs for children (MH) (click here)
  • Netflix Cartoons (click here)


  • Quizlet Class For Digital Flash Cards: MulberryHouseAsia
  • Pleco Chinese English Dictionary App (click here)

Seminars on Parenting & Multilingual Education

Mandarin Workshop (Parent & Child)