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Mulberry House Education Group (MHG) is a premier education brand, operating Playgroup, Kindergarten, K12 Education and Teacher Training Centre.  Our mission is to provide stimulating learning opportunities to young children, aiming to raise bilingual learners, unlocking each child’s unique potential, and nurturing them to be global citizens of the 21st century.

Mulberry House was founded in 2015 on the idea that a modern Inquiry-based educational model can be combined with rigorous Mandarin immersion to create an innovative school where children will thrive, embrace Mandarin language and culture, becoming fully fluent and literate, and setting themselves up for a bright multi-lingual future. We teach children about themselves and the world around them that focus on natural immersion and structured inquiry framework established by the International Baccalaureate Organization.

How are we different?

Every child is born a linguistic genius and in Mulberry House’s nurturing and vibrant 100% Mandarin immersion speaking and learning environment, children can develop true Mandarin fluency and literacy as easily and naturally

How we are different from other schools table
  • Natural immersion learning: Mulberry House provides a nurturing and natural immersion learning environment for children to explore and learn, with environment being the third teacher, enabling children to actively acquire knowledge about the world and the Mandarin language. Learn more about ‘immersion learning’

  • Mandarin as the sole medium of instruction: Children don’t feel like they are learning a language as they are actively engaged, building up their interest in Mandarin and its culture naturally and intrinsically to retain it for the long term.

  • Children are grouped by developmental stages: Children are learning about the world using our MandarinSmartTM Curriculum, divided into groups based on their developmental stage with 4 focus areas: language, cognitive, motor skills and social development.

  • An experiential learning and true fluency framework: Experiential learning is the most effective way for children to learn actively and sustain knowledge for the long term. Rather than having teachers “feeding” vocabulary to students with enforce memorization, the Mulberry Mandarin way focuses on developing children’s ability to think and speak in Mandarin naturally, obtaining true fluency.

  • Small group, child-centered approach: With a small class size of 1 teacher leading up to 6 children, we are able to provide the perfect balance between ample personal attention and social interaction among children.

  • Native speaking teachers with early years education experiences: Mulberry House teachers are native speakers, who are passionate about education and distinguished by their qualification, training and experience in early childhood education.

  • Digital and interactive support: Mulberry House has a strong parent-teacher community. We provide regular and personalized feedback to parents, as well as digital and interactive home support materials such as learning journey, digital flash cards, plus online song and story lists.

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