Our literacy series is designed for children to achieve 1800 characters (reading and writing) and related sentence structure by age 12 (aligned with the International Chinese Proficiency Test HSK Level 4 and YCT Level 4).

Children will learn from recognizing single Chinese characters, learning phrases based on each character, to constructing sentences and comprehending reading with as little rote learning as possible. We also introduce Chinese classical idioms and Tang poems in a fun and interactive way for more a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture.


按學生能力選擇適合的教學方式 ,從字-詞-句-段-篇,從易到難,配合學生的學習特點,讓他們認識和理解身邊的世界,享受閱讀寫作的樂趣。課程中也會使用趣味方法學習中國的成語、寓言故事,唐詩,加深學生對中國傳統文化的理解。


Level 1 創意識字 (3-6 Yrs 歲)

The 60 min course is designed to teach children the fundamental characters, stroke orders and Chinese particles. Children love learning new Chinese characters through pictures, arts, games, stories and science, cultivating their interest in Chinese characters and preparing them for reading and writing.  



Class Levels: 3-4.5 Yrs | 4.5-6 Yrs (60 min 分鐘)

Level 2 創意讀寫 (6-12 Yrs 歲)

Primary schoolers acquire vocabulary and sentence structures using our context based learning framework, building upon their associative memory and leading to effective learning and easy recall. They learn vocabularies under each context such as at home, at the airport, and gradually progress to writing sentences and paragraphs. Encouraging creativity and imagination, this course gives children ample opportunities to create and publish their own stories in Mandarin.


「閱讀是吸收,寫作是傾吐。」本課程為一套高效的閱讀與寫作綜合課程。我們通過場景式及系統性教學, 孩子們將逐步積累詞句、掌握方法、訓練思維,最終提高學生的閱讀能力和水平。通過豐富的學習媒介(報紙、故事書、階梯閱讀、短視頻等),孩子們將不斷積累字詞, 愛上閱讀和寫作。我們鼓勵孩子們, 徹底理解學習內容, 再進行創作運用,最終達到自由傾吐觀點, 自在表達感情,在不斷進步中真正享受寫作的樂趣。

Class Levels: 6-8 Yrs | 8-10 Yrs | 10-12 Yrs (90 min 分鐘)



What next?

We believe the best way to understand our unique approach is to experience it for yourself. We welcome prospective parents and children to visit us for a trial class or for a school tour.