2018 Oct Mid Term Camp (Oct 2-20)

The best way to acquire and boost Mandarin is to think and live in a Mandarin speaking environment. At Mulberry House, lots of native and non native children are mixed together, acquiring knowledge about the world and through various subjects. This Oct, we are also exploring into taking children to a completely Mandarin speaking city in Mainland China, mixed in with other native Chinese children.


十月 | 香港桐華教育快樂表達營  玩具總動員/怪獸校園/點讚朋友圈/遇見/找朋友/擊鼓傳花

十月 | 香港桐華教育快樂表達營

Mulberry House, Hong Kong

Expressive Communication Through Cartoons

Key Themes: To develop children's communication skills through 3 fun cartoons including Toy Story, Minions, and Peppa Pig. Children will boost their vocabulary, confidence to speak and act, at the same time they will learn to build friendship, help others and express our emotions.

Dates: Oct 2-20
Timing & Price:

  • 2-3 Yrs: 9-10:30 am | 3-4:30 pm (HKD 600 Daily Camp)

  • 3-5 Yrs | 5-7 Yrs | 7-9 Yrs: 9-11:30 noon | 3-5:30 pm (HKD 966 Daily Camp)

十月 | 雲南大理自然藝術雙語營  農場採摘水果/喜洲刻印甲馬/泛舟洱海/古城老街尋寶/雲上花海寫生/創作墨流濕拓畫

十月 | 雲南大理自然藝術雙語營

Dali Yunan, China 大理

Nature & Art Camp 自然藝術營

Key Themes: This is an unique experience to travel into the beautiful nature scene in Dali Yunan. You and your child will experience the local history and culture, while making friends with local kids who join the camp. Fun cultural activities include Chinese Painting, Fruit-picking and War horse engraving print etc.

主題: 深度體驗雲南獨特的自然景觀、文化和人文歷史。趣味活動包括雲上花海寫生、農場採摘水果、刻印甲馬、創作墨流濕拓畫等。

Dates: 5 Days 4 Night (Oct 2-6)
Age group: 5 Yrs and above
Price: RMB 10200 per child excluding flight (Parent accompanied recommended)

十月 | 怪獸公司 少年奇趣創業營  超級快遞/模擬銀行家/匠人智慧/我們的小廚房/奇趣公司升級儀式

十月 | 怪獸公司 少年奇趣創業營

Shenzhen, China 深圳

Entrepreneurship Camp in Shenzhen 奇趣創業營

Key Themes: Our children will build their own business in Shenzhen. They learn about different careers, developing their own business plans, and express their ideas to their teammates. There will be company visits to Shenzhen tech companies.

Dates: 5 Days 4 Night (Oct 15-19)
Age group: 5-12 Yrs
Price: HKD 5200 per child excluding hotel (Parent accompanied recommended for under 7 Yrs)

For more enquiries,  please contact us
Wong Chuk Hang Campus: OIS@mulberryhouseasia.com | 5589 3636
Central Campus & General Inquiry: HELLO@mulberryhouseasia.com | 5589 0509


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