PLAYGROUP 遊戲小組 (0 - 3 YRS)


This parent accompanied playgroup program focuses on your child's language and arts, cognitive development, motor skill development, and social skills. It develops your child's understanding of the world and strengthens your child's natural learning ability in Mandarin through age appropriate activities and learning progression. We seamlessly integrate structured play with active learning and Chinese culture appreciation; enabling children to listen, think and speak in Mandarin (click here for our forward-thinking and rigorously researched curriculum)

  Stage 1: Parents accompanied Playgroup




Getting Ready To Speak

Teacher:Student Ratio is 1:3

The playgroup program is designed for hands-on, stimulating and interactive learning for both the adult and the child, as they participate in an array of developmentally appropriate activities: creative and sensory play, music and melodies, dramatic story telling, gross and fine motor skill development, and socialize and snack time.

Class Levels:

  • Infants 常仁班 (8-16 Mths)

  • Babblers 常智班 (16-24 Mths)

  • Toddlers 常誠班 (2-2.5 Yrs)

  • Transition 常禮班 (2.5-3 Yrs)

Notice to Accompanying Adults:

  • Accompanying adults are encouraged to participate and speak in Mandarin only during class.

  • At 2.5 years old, we gradually help children transition into independent classes (90 min), while all accompanying adults MUST remain in MH campuses.