Our multi-sensory playgroup program is guided by the leading early childhood learning methodology Reggio Emilia, cultivating children a lifelong passion for learning. As children inquire about the world through their 5 senses, they develop understanding and their language abilities in Mandarin.



Program Introduction:

The playgroup program is parent-accompanied, focusing on your child’s language development, cognitive development, motor skill development, and social skills. 

We design hands-on, stimulating and active learning experiences for the caretaker and your child to bond through an array of developmentally appropriate activities: sensory play, music and melodies, dramatic story telling, gross and fine motor skill development, and socialize and snack time.

Class Levels:

  • Infants (8-16 Mths) - 60 min

  • Babblers (16-24 Mths) - 60 min

  • Toddlers (2-2.5 Yrs) - 60 min

  • Transition (2.5-3 Yrs) - 90 min (*independent)

Teacher:Student Ratio:



What next?

We believe the best way to understand our unique approach is to experience it for yourself. We welcome prospective parents and children to visit us for a trial class or for a school tour.


What do MH parents say?

My one year old daughter attends Mulberry Housed and she absolutely loved the lesson and the teacher! Mulberry House is unique. I was a bit sad to find out that most mandarin schools in HK are rote learning based and won’t accept children until they are older because they focus on reading and writing. Whereas Mulberry house’s approach starts at a much younger age, learning through play and interaction, teaching babies and young children about themselves and the world around us, using Mandarin as the only medium, hence like learning a first language. The teacher is super creative and interactive with babies using their home made props. Oh yes, I can’t forget to mention this- this school is beautiful.
— Kwy Wong