Parent Seminar: Strategies on how to choose the best schools (Mar 27, 2018)


Choosing the right schools (preschools, primary schools...) for your child is super important. But what types of school and which school is the most suitable for your child?

We are inviting the Director of ITS Education Asia Anne Murphy to demystify the schooling process in Hong Kong and answer any questions you may have. Anne has led the school placement services for 10 years and has a wealth of knowledge in the whole schooling process in Hong Kong. Together Mulberry House's founder-director Jessica Ye Trainor will share her insight with parents on bilingual schools focusing on Mandarin education.

Bio of Anne Murphy: Anne was born and educated in Ireland and Hong Kong in Teaching English. In 2007, she founded the first independent school search services in Hong Kong, as part of ITS Education Asia. “Our mission is very simple. We aim to simplify the relationships between parents and schools. We strive to know and understand the educational and financial background of students to provide them with only the highest quality advice and information in reaching their goals."

Bio of Jessica Ye Trainor: Jessica was born in Beijing and grew up in the United States before moving to Hong Kong in 2007. She has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from New York University and the NAMC Montessori Teaching Diploma for Early Childhood Education. She has done extensive research into Mandarin strong schools and the best way to educate multilingual children.