Parent Seminar: Getting The Best Bilingual Education (Mar 7, 2019)

Thanks for coming to a great parent seminar hosted by our three experts. Parents had a lot to take away on how to get into strong bilingual schools and how to best support Mandarin in Hong Kong.

Speakers Bio:

Anne Murphy - Expert in School Placement 

Director for the biggest school placement company in Hong Kong ITS Education Asia. Anne works closely with parents to come up with the most appropriate academic pathway for their children, with a personalised school search service, guiding families through the entire application process and advice on suitable academic pathways. 

Richard Pratt - Director and Teachers at Bilingual Schools

Education Director at Charterhouse Asia. Founding Director at the CIS Chinese International School HangZhou Campus. 15 Years of Housemaster experiences at Eton College UK, followed by 10 years of experiences of teaching in China. 

Jessica Ye Trainor - Expert in Mandarin Immersion Education

Founder and Education Director at Mulberry House, Hong Kong's first Mandarin immersion school. She is an expert speaker in  immersion teaching approach, multi-lingual language acquisition, and the HK education system. She has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from New York University and the NAMC Montessori Teaching Diploma for 3-6 Yrs Early Childhood Education.