RSVP for Mulberry House 2018 Winter Concert (Dec 15, 2018)

MH concert.PNG

Let's celebrate the second half of 2018 and have a blast watching the little ones perform! We will be performing songs, dances, poems, preschoolers' project presentation on the last four months learning units.

We welcome all children from 1 yrs old and above to perform! Babies will perform together with 1 parent! Please confirm your child's and parents' attendance!

If there are any questions or changes, please email us at as soon as possible as we are preparing costumes and performing roles. We can't wait for an awesome summer concert!

Click to RSVP:

Watch our children's wonderful performances during the 2018 summer concert.

Fire Station Visit (Mar 17, 24, 2018)

Our March learning unit is all about "My community". What better way to learn about one of the most interesting careers out there: fireman! We encourage all parents with preschool children (2.5 + Yrs) to participate and join our trip to the fire station. The firemen will give us a tour (in English), while accompanied by Mulberry House teachers (in Mandarin).

Space is limited, we encourage 1 parent to accompany 1 child (for MH parents only)


Water in the Balance Exhibition at the Maritime Museum (May 5, 12, 2018)

One of our most important learning unit NATURE is coming up in May. We have organized a field trip with the Maritime museum for children to learn about water and the ocean. The "Water in the balance" exhibition is a well developed and interactive educational curriculum focusing on water systems, from mountains to the sea. We encourage all children above 2.5 + Yrs old to attend.

This is a MANDARIN guided tour by Maritime Museum, limited to 30 people per tour (parents and children included), and also accompanied by 2 Mulberry House teachers.

If you can't make it to the field trip, you can also go independently, English tours are available to the public, which ends on April 30th.

Please read the exhibition details here