Mandarin Foundation (0 - 8 Years)


Our foundation programmes develop and strengthen children’s natural learning ability through age appropriate activities. We seamlessly integrate structured play with active learning, infusing inquiry based learning and Chinese culture appreciation; enabling children to think, speak, read and write fluently (click here for curriculum details).

The foundation programme has 3 developmental stages: Playgroup, Transition & Preschool and Primary Years Support.

What your child will learn:

  • To think and speak fluently in Mandarin Chinese.

  • To build a strong literacy and numeracy foundation

  • To master reading 300 fundamental characters in traditional Chinese

  • Stroke order and character writing

  • They will also gain intellectual stimulation through engaging S.T.E.A.M enrichment classes


Playgroup Programme 幼兒遊戲組(0 - 2.5 Years) 

Stage 1: Parents accompanied Playgroup

聽 (tīng)

Develop Listening & Comprehension

This parent accompanied playgroup programme lays the foundations for Mandarin learning for young children.

The 60-minute class is designed for hands-on, stimulating and interactive learning for both the adult and the child. Caregivers and children will have fun together as they participate in an array of developmentally appropriate activities, developing children’s language, cognitive, physical and social skills in a nurturing environment.

By developing children's ability to listen and understand Mandarin in the world around them, we aim to give them a solid foundation that allows them to build up lots of vocabulary and get ready to speak. 

Caregivers and parents are encouraged to participate, learn and speak in Mandarin during the class.

Class Levels:

  • Infants 常仁班 (8-16 Mths)

  • Babblers 常智班 (16-24 Mths)

  • Toddlers 常誠班 (2-2.5 Yrs)


Transition & Preschool Programme 學前班(2.5 - 6 Years)

STAGE 2: Transition & Preschool

說 (shuō) 讀 (dú) 

Develop Speaking & Reading



Starting at 2.5 years old, we expand children’s learning experiences by encouraging independence and collaboration, strengthening fine motor skills and concentration, as well as cultivating their interest in reading and writing in Chinese.

The 90-minute class is designed for hands-on, stimulating and active learning for children. We engage children through dramatic story-telling, role playing, arts and crafts, science experiments, interactive games, and reading and writing through stories and games.

We aim to develop children's fluency in thinking and speaking in Mandarin and to build a strong early numeracy and literacy foundation in Mandarin.

Class Levels:

  • Transition 常禮班 (2.5-3 Yrs)

  • Curious Learners 常率班 (3-4.5 Yrs)

  • Confident Speakers 常勇班 (4.5-6 Yrs)

Primary Years Support 小學輔導班(6 - 8 Years)

STAGE 3: Primary years

說 (shuō) 讀 (dú) 寫 (xiě)

Develop Speaking, Reading & Writing

At this age, we work individually with children, developing their fluency in speaking and their reading and writing, while increasing their academic vocabulary to support their studies in primary schools.

Through many practices, children grasp the core language skills and become confident expressing themselves in oral and written form.

Class Level:

  • Primary Years Support 常定班 (6-8 Yrs)