Our foundation programme develop and strengthen children’s natural learning ability through age appropriate activities and learning progression. We seamlessly integrate structured play with active learning and Chinese culture appreciation; enabling children to think, speak, read and write in Mandarin (click here for our forward-thinking and rigorously researched curriculum)

  STAGE 3: Primary years

聽說讀寫   數美勞

Fluency to Speak, Read and Write

At this age, we work individually with children, developing their fluency in speaking, reading and writing, while increasing their academic vocabulary to support their studies in primary schools.

Aim to master their first 500 fundamental characters from age 2 to 8 yrs. Continue to develop their writing ability following their developmentally appropriate progression. 

Through many practices, children grasp the core language skills and become confident expressing themselves in oral and written form.

Class Level:

  • Primary Years Support 常定班 (6-8 Yrs)

Teacher:Student Ratio:

  • 1:3