2018 Schedule & Fees

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Schedule & Fee

Trial/Drop-in Class Fee: 

  • First trial class: HKD $300
  • 60-min Drop-in class (after first trial): HKD $400
  • 90-min Drop-in class (after first trial): HKD $500

Tuition Fee:

  • Tuition fee is charged for every 2-month term (tuition will be prorated for students joining mid-term).
  • Tuition fee is payable 14 days before the term starts. If your child will discontinue with the following term, we require 14 days written notice, otherwise tuition fee will be charged as usual.
  • 5 annual school terms are: Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Sep/Oct, Nov/Dec

Family & Friends Referral Programme:

  • Enroll a sibling and get a FREE complimentary class
  • Are your friends looking for the best and most innovative Mandarin school? Recommend us and receive a HKD $200 referral benefit with a successful school enrollment.