STEAM Enrichment (2.5 - 8 Years)


Our enrichment programmes are designed to cultivate our children's curiosity and creativity, broadening their vocabulary in the creative context, and deepening their interest in the Mandarin language, arts and culture. All enrichment in Mandarin only, basic comprehension is required to join any classes.

The STEAM approach focuses on inquiry, collaboration and process-based learning in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. We integrate each aspect at developmentally appropriate levels:

Arts & Science (2.5 - 6 Years)

Arts & Science exposes your child to a wide arrange of art projects,  and science experiments and explorations. The 60-minute class will spark your child’s curiosity and creativity, while broadening their understanding of the world and how things work, as well as increasing their Mandarin vocabulary. Every week your child will engage in different art and science projects:

  • Arts Expression – painting on canvas, building cameras out of recycled materials, creating a collage, making their own 3D soft clay sculpture, learning paper mache…the choice is endless!
  • Science Experiment – exploring and investigating fascinating topics such as magnets, light, volcanoes, energy, sound, water, gravity, friction, air, temperature, colour, and a lot more.

Key Features:

  • Every child loves arts and science!
  • Unique and creative art projects each week, encouraging their self-expression
  • Interesting science exploration, for children to observe, practice and think.

Class Levels: 2.5-3 Yrs | 3-4.5 Yrs | 4.5-6 Yrs


Speech & Drama (3 - 8 Years)

Children will engage in make-believe play, and explore imaginary situations. Children will learn through public speaking, acting and interacting with their fellow actors. With a very strong emphasis on developing confidence in speaking in Mandarin, each lesson is fun filled, creative and motivating, encourage children to engage and act.

Learn & develop through:

  • Question and answers session
  • Public speaking in front of an audience
  • Creative gesture and movements
  • Storytelling and acting out part of a play during each session, strongly encouraged to participate in the semi annual concert in the summer or winter

Class Levels: 3-4.5 Yrs | 4.5-6 Yrs | 6-8 Yrs

Math, Logic & Technology (4.5 - 8 Years)

Children will explore into early Math and Technology through hands-on, age appropriate activities, children are encouraged to explore real-life problems using mathematical and technology concepts. All activities and lessons meet the requirements of UK and Ontario Curriculum (aligned by IXL), providing comprehensive coverage of math conceprts and application.

Learn & develop through:

  • Using concrete materials to explore counting up and down between 1 and 100
  • Investigate relationship between quantity and numbers, and distinguish less vs more
  • Make comparisons, sort and categorize numbers, colours, shapes and size
  • Understand, recognize and create patterns and geometrical shapes
  • Telling time and recognize money
  • 1-3 digits addiction and subtraction
  • Introducing to logic and technology using wooden Cubetto, teaching children coding through play.

Class Levels: 4.5-6 Yrs | 6-8 Yrs

Chinese Arts & Calligraphy (4.5 - 8 Years)

Chinese painting and calligraphy class is perfect to cultivate appreciation of Chinese culture as well as inspiring creativity.

Key Features:

  • Introduce "The Four Treasures of Study": writing brush, ink sticks, paper and ink stones.
  • Learning to grip Chinese brushes properly and develop basic skills for Chinese painting.
  • Practicing calligraphy and learning all Chinese strokes
  • Children will work on art projects such as Chinese paper-cutting, landscape painting and object painting

Class Levels: 4.5-6 Yrs | 6-8 Yrs