Our enrichment programmes are designed to cultivate our children's curiosity and creativity, broadening their vocabulary in the creative context, and deepening their interest in the Mandarin language, and its characters and culture.

These mandarin immersion enrichment programs are designed for native children to broaden their subject-related vocabulary, and for beginner and intermediate learners to supplement on top of a foundation class

  • Expressive Communication 說說唱唱 (2.5-10 Yrs 歲)

  • Arts & Science 藝術&科學 (2.5-6 Yrs 歲)

  • Chinese Arts & Calligraphy 中國書法藝術 (6-12 Yrs 歲)

  • Chinese Math & Applications 數學 (2.5-12 Yrs 歲)

  • Literacy Series 讀寫系列課程

    • Level 1 創意識字 (2.5-6 Yrs 歲)

    • Level 2 創意讀寫 (6-12 Yrs 歲)



Expressive Communication 說說唱唱 (2.5-10 Yrs 歲)

The 60-minute class engages children in a fun-filled and creative way, learning through singing, telling stories, public speaking and drama. Children will develop their confidence to speak in Mandarin, integrated with learning new Chinese characters from song lyrics and story-lines.


Class Levels: 2.5-4.5 Yrs | 4.5-8 Yrs | 8-10 Yrs  (60 min 分鐘)



Arts & Science 藝術&科學 (2.5-6 Yrs 歲)

The 60-minute class will spark your child’s curiosity and creativity with expressive arts and intuitive science concepts and experiments. The class has 30 minutes of arts and craft following foundation learning units, learning by making crafts using a variety of materials such as recycled paper, pom pom, clay, glitter, buttons, googly eyes, feathers etc. The following 30 minutes of science experiments show children the power of science through topics such as magnetic forces, light, volcanoes, energy, sound, water, gravity, friction, air, temperature, color etc.

通過富有表現力的藝術和直觀的科學概念和實驗激發孩子的好奇心和創造力。前30分鐘的藝術和工藝跟隨學習單元,通過使用各種材料製作工藝學習,如再生紙,粘土,鈕扣,羽毛等。以下30分鐘的通過適齡趣味的活動讓學生探索科學的美妙. 科學實驗如磁力,光,火山,能量,聲音,水,重力,摩擦力,空氣,溫度,顏色等, 引起學生的好奇心,從而探索科學的奧妙。

Class Levels: 2.5-4.5 Yrs | 4.5-6 Yrs (60 min 分鐘)



Chinese Arts & Calligraphy 中國書法藝術 (6-12 Yrs 歲)

Chinese calligraphy class is perfect to cultivate appreciation of traditional Chinese culture as well as fostering concentration.  

  • Introducing Chinese Four Treasures (Brush, ink, rice paper, ink stone and ink stick) and how to grip Chinese brushes properly.

  • Great in helping children to concentrate better, increase their attention span.

  • Learning Chinese characters, fostering a better understanding of the structure and aesthetic of the characters, thus making them much easier to learn


  • 認識文房四寶(筆墨紙硯),學習握毛筆的正確姿勢。

  • 在學習書法的過程中,增强孩子的專注力。

  • 加强孩子們對漢字結構和審美的理解,為學習漢字書寫打下基礎。

Class Levels: 6-10 Yrs (60 min 分鐘)



Chinese Math & Applications 數學 (2.5-12 Yrs 歲)

This course is developed to explore into early Math through hands-on, age appropriate activities, encouraging children to explore real-life problems using mathematical concepts.

Children will explore and learn Mathematics concepts and its applications through hands-on, age appropriate activities. Math concepts include numbers, shapes, patterns, comparisons and categorization, telling time, money, 1-2 digit addition and subtraction. 

培養學生的邏輯思維能力,奠下牢固的數學基礎結合語言功能。通過適齡趣味的活動,讓學生探索數學, 接觸懂得數學概念,例如:數字、形狀、類別、比較、分類、時間、貨幣、單位數-雙位數加減法等。

Class Levels: 2.5-4.5 Yrs | 4.5-6 Yrs | 6-8 Yrs | 8-10 Yrs (60 min 分鐘)



Literacy Series


Our literacy series is designed for children to achieve 1200 characters (reading and writing) and related sentence structure by age 10 (aligned with the International Chinese Proficiency Test HSK Level 4 and YCT Level 4).

Children will learn from recognizing single Chinese characters, learning phrases based on each character, to constructing sentences and comprehending reading with as little rote learning as possible. We also introduce Chinese classical idioms and Tang poems in a fun and interactive way for more a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture.


按學生能力選擇適合的教學方式 ,從字-詞-句-段-篇,從易到難,配合學生的學習特點,讓他們認識和理解身邊的世界,享受閱讀寫作的樂趣。課程中也會使用趣味方法學習中國的成語、寓言故事,唐詩,加深學生對中國傳統文化的理解。


Level 1 創意識字 (2.5-6 Yrs 歲)

Between 2.5-6 Yrs, the 60 min course is designed to teach children the fundamental characters, stroke orders and Chinese particles. We aim to teach Chinese characters and phrases using arts, games, science and stories, cultivating their interest in Chinese characters and preparing them for reading and writing.  


Class Levels: 2.5-4.5 Yrs | 4.5-6 Yrs (60 min 分鐘)


Level 2 創意讀寫 (6-12 Yrs 歲)

Between 6-10 Yrs, the 90 min course is designed to teach children Pinyin, acquiring Chinese characters and sentence structures based on contexts, leading to writing sentences and paragraphs. Children love reading & writing about ourselves and the world around us: at home, at school, at the doctors, at the supermarket etc.


Class Levels: 6-8 Yrs | 8-10 Yrs (90 min 分鐘)



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