Mandarin Enrichment Programme in STEAM (2.5 - 8 Years)


Our enrichment programmes are designed to help children develop and think innovatively, cultivating their curiosity and creativity, broadening their vocabulary in the creative context, and deepening their interest in the Mandarin language, arts and culture.

The STEAM approach focuses on inquiry, collaboration and process based learning in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. We integrate each aspect at developmentally appropriate levels:

  • Arts & Science (2.5 - 6 Yrs)

  • Speech & Drama (3 - 8 Yrs)

  • Math, Logic & Technology (4.5 - 8 Yrs)

  • Chinese Arts & Calligraphy (4.5 - 8 Yrs)

  • Life Skills: Financial Literacy & Practical Life (4.5-8 Yrs)

Arts & Science (2.5 - 6 Years)

We want to promote young children to love arts and science, where one requires intuition and the other one requires logic. This one hour class is design to spark your child's curiosity and imagination, while working on their fine motor skills and cognitive skills.

We often tie-in the theme learnt in Mandarin foundation class, which enforces the learning on new vocabulary and concepts, giving children are exposure to a larger vocabulary and deeper contextual understanding of the language. The class is split into two segments:

  • Science - experience the magic and fun of science through hands on experiments with magnets, objects, weights, water and air etc.

  • Arts -  play with colours and textures, learn how to make crafts using different techniques such as drawing, fabric making, bubble painting, stamping.

Class Levels: 2.5-3 Yrs | 3-4.5 Yrs | 4.5-6 Yrs


Speech & Drama (3 - 8 Years)

Designed for preschool children to appreciate, enjoy and gain confidence and develop self expression skills to perform in front of an audience. All children from this class will perform at our school concerts (summer concert in Jun and winter concert in Dec). The class focus on three main areas:

  • Recite and sing out Chinese poems and rhymes

  • Play drama games, explore stories, and work with a script to improve communication skills

  • Improve group presentation skills, and enahnce social skills through role play and activitie

Class Levels: 3-4.5 Yrs | 4.5-6 Yrs | 6-8 Yrs

Math, Logic & Technology (4.5 - 8 Years)

Get a head start in the fascinating world of Math through play and utilizing Montessori teaching materials and wooden robot Cubetto. 

  • Children learn about size, shape, patterns, abilities to count verbally forward and backward, measurements, recognizing numerals, addition, subtraction, develop spatial sense, and many more.

  • Introduction to logic and technology using the coolest play pal in town: the wooden Cubetto, the best tool to teach young children coding through play. We use the cute and friendly wooden robot to teach children the basics of computer programming and problem solving skills through adventure and hands on play.

Class Levels: 4.5-6 Yrs | 6-8 Yrs

Chinese Arts & Calligraphy (4.5 - 8 Years)

Chinese painting and calligraphy classes are the perfect to cultivate children's appreciation of Chinese culture and history.

  • Introduce "The Four Treasures of Study": writing brush, ink sticks, paper and ink stones.

  • The focus on Chinese painting and palette will gradually equip children with more fine motor skills needed for gripping the brushes properly and the basic skills of Chinese painting.

  • Children will be introduce to character stroke orders and Chinese calligraphy techniques. 

Class Levels: 4.5-6 Yrs | 6-8 Yrs

Life Skills: Financial Literacy & Practical Life (4.5-8 Yrs)

Children of the 21st century need to be adaptive and positive from the very start, in order to deal
effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Our Life Skills class aims
stimulate these young brains with content and situations to

  • Develop problem solving skills, time management, compassion, resilience, financial literacy, respect, gratitude and personal care, helping them to get ready to navigate the world as global citizens.

  • Children will learn through role play, collaborative and competitive games and project work.

Class Levels: 4.5-6 Yrs | 6-8 Yrs