2018 Summer Concert


Let's celebrate the first half of 2018 and have a blast watching the little ones perform! We will be performing songs, dances, poems, preschoolers' project presentation on the last two learning units (transportation and nature). We welcome all children from 1 yrs old and above to perform! Babies will perform together with 1 parent!

RSVP is required (confirm your family and child's attendance here)

If there are any questions or changes, please email us at ois@mulberryhouseasia.com as soon as possible as we are preparing costumes and performing roles. We can't wait for an awesome summer concert!


If you want to listen to these songs at home, please refer to song list below:

Playgroup (0-2.5 Yrs, Accompanied Performances)
Fire truck 🚒 消防車: https://youtu.be/DauQIYCGzhc
Playing at the beach 🏝 去海邊玩: https://youtu.be/0elo5OSSLYg
Baby shark 🦈 鯊魚寶寶: https://youtu.be/4XcYhPHnLDs

Transition (2.5-3 Yrs, Accompany Optional)
How do animal speak 動物怎麼叫: https://youtu.be/a8gLkWq00MY
Hippo 大河馬: https://youtu.be/iPHA54d0CNk
Three bears 🐻 三隻熊: https://youtu.be/VhOK4AbVDhk

Lower Preschool (3-4.5 Yrs)
Duck counting 🦆 數鴨子: https://youtu.be/H8dSuwXT6rg
Where is spring 春天在哪裡: https://youtu.be/4TRAd_m0dMg
I love bathing 我愛洗澡: https://youtu.be/34OMBg04fpM

Upper Preschool (4.5 Yrs +)
Grass 草: https://youtu.be/i1kmNfEYXEA
Tang’s poem Du Zuo Jing Ting Shan 獨坐敬亭山: https://youtu.be/7G7xJUUMkMQ
媽媽寶貝: https://youtu.be/3JLrhlpA10w

Enrichment: Expressive communication 說說唱唱
Little 🐰bunny 小兔子⋯⋯:https://youtu.be/-Y1R0uoE7SI
Laughing song 好笑歌: https://youtu.be/-Jb8i64IyVw