Give your child a strong Mandarin Foundation

Thank you for your interest in Mulberry House Mandarin Immersion Education.

Our Mandarin Programme will develop your child's abilities and confidence in speaking, reading and writing in Mandarin. Delivered through an inquiry approach in an immersion environment, learning Mandarin becomes meaningful and enjoyable. 

We invite parents and children in for school tours and trial classes to experience our unique approach which nurtures children to speak and think like a native. Our trial fee is 300 HKD.



我們的普通話課程以孩子的興趣為本, 採用探究方式, 在浸入式環境里互動自然地學習。我們的老師團隊有35年幼教經驗, 用靈活互動的教學模式, 堅持小班教學, 每班兩位母語導師教7名兒童。培養您孩子優秀的聽說讀寫基礎, 加強說普通話的自信。

我們邀請家長和孩子參觀學校和試課,體驗我們獨特的教學方法, 認識我們熱情的老師。我們的試課費用是300港幣。

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