World Tour Winter Camp (Dec 18 - Jan 5)


All Aboard! Welcome to the Mulberry House Winter Camp 2017 World Tour. We will be visiting 5 continents, 10 cities and enjoying countless activities during the winter break. Amazing activities including music melodies, dramatic storytelling, crafts, science experiments, cooking and collaborative projects to learn about flags, people, food, landmarks and culture around the world. Children will learn about the world, learn lots of new Chinese vocabulary! 

Our camps are lead by our passionate and experienced MH teachers, it will be a fun filled learning experience and the most effective way to fast track your child's Mandarin during the holidays.  With very limited space, 2 co-teachers leading 8 children max, please call 5598 0509 or email to register.

Winter Camp 將以家庭旅行為主題,帶領小朋友們去世界各地的國家,了解當地的建築文化、特色美食、獨特的自然風貌等,感受不同的风土人情。從中國的長城到日本冬天的滑雪到澳大利亞夏天的聖誕節,我們將世界各國的國旗、建築、飲食、動植物、季節等特色文化滲入到課程中去,為學生創造多樣文化的普通話氛圍。有趣的主題氛圍會讓學生在課程中主動學習相關的詞彙,並嘗試用已學的詞彙造句。課程也會幫助學生建立習慣常識,增加他們探索新知識的興趣,有助於他們各方面的發展與成長。快速提高孩子的普通話並且度過充滿樂趣的節假日吧! 超小班教學人數有限, 報名請致電5598 0509或發電子郵件至

World Tour Winter Camp (Dec 18-Jan 5)

2 convenient locations:

  • Central @ Universal Trade Centre (Santa visiting on Dec 22 AM)
  • South Side @ One Island South (Santa visiting on Dec 22 PM):


  • 2-3 Yrs: 9-10:30 am; 10:30-12 noon; 3-4:30 pm
  • 3-5 Yrs: 9-12 noon; 2:30-5:30 pm 
  • 5-7 Yrs: 9-12 noon; 2:30-5:30 pm 

Tuition Fee (Daily):

  • 2-3 Yrs: HKD 600 | 3-5 Yrs: HKD 1066 | 5-7 Yrs: HKD 1066
  • Enjoy 10% off early bird signing up before Dec 2nd - Expired
  • Enjoy 8% off additional for enrolling for 6 days or more


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