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Mandarin Enrichment Classes for Kids
(2-12 Yrs)

We offer 8 enrichment classes to cultivate children’s curiosity, and to broaden children’s interests and vocabularies in language arts, creative thinking and critical thinking.

Language Arts (LA Series):
  • Story Telling & Arts (2 - 6 Yrs)

  • Chinese Arts & Calligraphy (6 - 12 Yrs)

  • Fluency: Expressive Communications (3 - 12 Yrs)

  • Literacy: Creative Reading & Writing (3 - 12 Yrs)

STEM/Project Based Learning (SP Series):
  • Story Telling & Arts (2 - 6 Yrs)

  • Chinese Arts & Calligraphy (6 - 12 Yrs)

  • Fluency: Expressive Communications (3 - 12 Yrs)

  • Literacy: Creative Reading & Writing (3 - 12 Yrs)

Language Arts Programme
LA1: Storytelling & Arts (60 min)

2-3 Yrs | 3-4.5 Yrs | 4.5-6 Yrs

MHA student
Babies playing
arts and craft
  • Children will love our exciting stories, learning by doing arts and crafts and playing games related to the story, letting their creativity flow while acquiring new vocabularies.

  • (30 min) Children love story telling, learning about the story’s characters, its sequence, what we can learn from the story and retelling it, all practicing listening and communication skills.

  • (30 min) Following with a creative art project associated to the story is perfect to reinforce learning, and making the class super fun, creative and memorable.

LA2: Chinese Arts & Calligraphy (60 min)

6-8 Yrs | 8-10 Yrs | 10-12 Yrs

Calligraphy Class
Calligraphy Class
Calligraphy Class
  • This class is perfect to cultivate appreciation of Chinese culture.It is also great in helping children to concentrate better, increase their attention span.

  • (30 min) Children are introduced to Chinese brushes, ink, rice paper, ink stone and ink stick. They will learn to paint famous Chinese elements such as cherry blossoms, peach flowers, mountains, and landscapes.

  • (30 min) Children are also introduced to calligraphy and Chinese characters, fostering a better understanding and appreciation of the structure and aesthetic of the Chinese characters.

LA3: Fluency Series: Expressive Communications (60 min)

3-4.5 Yrs | 4.5-6 Yrs | 6-8 Yrs | 8-10 Yrs | 10-12 Yrs

Mandarin Immersion
madarin public speaking

This class focuses on verbal communication, we engage children in a fun-filled and creative way, to listen, comprehend, retell and present what they learn from newspapers, story books, leveled reading books, short videos etc. Children will increase their understanding of new vocabularies, phrases and contexts, gradually growing their confidence and expressing their thoughts and ideas fully using Mandarin Chinese.

  • Focus on verbal communication

  • Engaging through stories, drama, games and presentations

  • Grow understanding and confidence, gradually expressing ideas fully using Mandarin

LA4: Literacy Series: Creative Reading & Writing (60 - 90 min)

3-4.5 Yrs (60 min) | 4.5-6 Yrs (60 min) | 6-8 Yrs (90 min) | 8-10 Yrs (90 min) | 10-12 Yrs (90 min)

children drawing
children playing
children playing with flashcards
practice writing
  • Learn Chinese character creatively through pictures, arts, games, stories and science

  • Acquire written vocabularies from a rich set of learning medium

  • Learn to express their ideas in written form and to publish their own story books in Mandarin

  • Enrol into our native stream and intermediate stream

  1. Native stream uses 人教 Ren Jiao curriculum that’s currently align with the mainland China curriculum (up to 3500 characters by age 12 yrs)

  2. Intermediate stream uses 现代 Modern Education curriculum that’s currently aligned with Hong Kong Chinese curriculum (up to 2200 characters by age 12 yrs)

STEM & Project Based Learning
SP1: Arts & Science (60 min)

2-3 Yrs | 3-4.5 Yrs | 4.5-6 Yrs | 6-9 Yrs

child drawing
child playing with cardboard
children learning about colours
  • This class will spark your child’s curiosity and creativity with expressive arts and intuitive science concepts and experiments.

  • (30 min) Children love science, we learn through topics such as magnetic forces, light, volcanoes, energy, sound, water, gravity, friction, air, temperature, colour etc.

  • (30 min) Followed by crafts making using a variety of materials such as recycled paper, pom poms, clay, glitter, buttons, googly eyes, feathers etc.

SP2: Chinese Math & Application (60 min)

3-4.5 Yrs | 4.5-6 Yrs

  • Explore early Math concepts through hands-on, age appropriate activities, encouraging children to explore real-life problems using mathematical concepts

  • Math concepts include numbers, shapes, patterns, comparisons and categorization, telling time, money, 1-2 digit addition and subtraction. 

chinese math
SP3: Chinese Abacus (1 Hour)

2-5 Yrs | 5-9 Yrs

The abacus was invented around 2nd century B.C and was a very important calculation tool for many households. The abacus is a rectangular wooden frame, inside there are seven vertical rods and a horizontal beam. Each rod represents a different numerical digit. Students can move move the beads up or down towards the beam to do the calculating. Abacus is one of the fastest way to do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using Chinese Mathematical concepts, as the calculation is simplified into the acts of moving the beads.

Chinese Abacus
SP4: Future Leaders (2 Hours)

6-12 Yrs

future leaders program
future leaders program

In today's rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever to equip young minds with the skills and knowledge they need to become successful leaders of tomorrow. The Future Leaders programme is designed to achieve this by providing a comprehensive learning experience that builds confidence, fosters creativity, and cultivates leadership skills in children aged 6-12 years.

Throughout the programme, students will explore a wide range of topics, including communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and entrepreneurship. Through a combination of practical activities, group projects, and interactive discussions, students will develop their skills in these areas, as well as learn about the significance of ethical decision-making, cultural awareness, and global citizenship.

Our experienced instructors will guide students through each lesson, providing personalised attention and support, and helping them to apply what they've learned to real-world situations. By the end of the programme, students will have gained the confidence and knowledge they need to become effective leaders in their communities and beyond.

What next?

We believe the best way to understand our unique approach is to experience it for yourself. We welcome prospective parents and children to visit us for a trial class or for a school tour.

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