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Primary Foundation Programme (6-12 Yrs)

Our Primary Foundation program (6-12 Yrs) follows IB PYP’s framework of Units of Inquiry, covering the following 3 IB PYP trans-disciplinary themes: How We Organize ourselves, How the World Works & Sharing the Planet. We focus on developing children’s strong literacy foundation, after children are close to fluent. Speaking series and literacy series are also encouraged based on student’s assessment.

3 units of inquiry
6-12 Years Foundation
integrating chinese culture into the curriculum

Class Details:

The 90-minute class is designed for hands-on, stimulating and active learning for primary school years. Learning through inquiry, children will naturally acquire new vocabularies, improve their language skills, and enhance their understanding of the Chinese culture and context.

We guide students to explore new learning units, acquire new vocabularies, develop strong communication skills and critical thinking skills using Mandarin as a medium. Children love to learn through our engaging contents, such as concept mind maps, group discussions, visual arts, games, stories and drama etc, in additional to Chinese classics such as Chenyu, folk tales, Tang poems.

To facilitate different students mandarin learning capacity (native vs non-native speaking), we have hand-picked the most suitable textbooks and material for students to supplement the study - Yu Wen for native-level kids and Chinese Made Easy for non-native level kids.

Class Levels:

  • Primary Level 1: 6-8 Yrs (G1-2)

  • Primary Level 2: 8-10 Yrs (G3-4)

  • Primary Level 3: 10-12 Yrs (G5-6)

Teacher to Student Ratio:

What next?

We believe the best way to understand our unique approach is to experience it for yourself. We welcome prospective parents and children to visit us for a trial class or for a school tour.

Under Mulberry House's Enrichment Programs, subject classes — including Expressive Communication, Arts & Science, Chinese Arts & Calligraphy, Chinese Math & Applications and Literacy (Creative Reading & Writing) — are taught in Mandarin to enrich our students’ Mandarin education, and to help develop advanced vocabulary and knowledge. Learn More

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