Mulberry House was founded on the idea that a modern Inquiry-based educational model can be combined with rigorous Mandarin immersion to create an innovative school where children will thrive, embrace Mandarin language and culture, becoming fully fluent and literate, and setting themselves up for a bright multi-lingual future. We teach children about themselves and the world around them that focus on natural immersion and structured inquiry framework established by the International Baccalaureate Organization.

Language & Culture Foundation Programs


Accompanied Playgroup (0 - 3 Yrs)

Our multi-sensory playgroup is guided by the leading preschool learning methodology Reggio Emilia, cultivating children a lifelong passion for learning. Children are driven by their interests to understand and be curious, and children understand themselves and the world around them based on their interactions with others. Children from native Mandarin and non-native Mandarin backgrounds are mixed together in all classes, as they are inquiry about the world like a native. Non-native families will be better supported together with native families. (read more…)

Preschool Foundation Program (3 - 6 Yrs)

Preschool foundation classes follows IB PYP’s framework of Units of Inquiry through 3 trans-disciplinary themes (with monthly learning units): Who we are? / Where we are in place & time? / How we express ourselves?

We focus on developing children’s solid foundation in listening, comprehension and verbal communication about the world in Mandarin. Based on family background and exposure, at the age of 4.5 yrs, children maybe encouraged to select literacy series or subject-based enrichment program to maximize the opportunities to reach a level that would best benefit their future study of Chinese in mainstream schools. (read more…)

Primary Foundation Program (6 - 12 Yrs)

Primary Foundation classes follows IB PYP’s framework of Units of Inquiry, covering the following 3 IB PYP trans-disciplinary themes (with monthly learning units): How We Organize ourselves? / How the World Works? / Sharing the Planet.

A two-stream program is in place to cater for students who learn Chinese as an additional or native language. Children will be provided opportunities to learn at an appropriate pace with appropriately challenging materials. Based on fluency and literacy assessment, children are encouraged to take speaking series or literacy series to be empowered to learn and live in a Chinese speaking community in the long term. (read more…)

Enrichment Programs


Literacy Series: Creative Reading & Writing (3 - 6 Yrs : 60 min | 6 - 12 Yrs : 90 min)

This course focuses on fast tracking written Mandarin communication.

Children will learn Chinese characters creatively through pictures, arts, games, stories and science, acquire written vocabularies from a rich set of learning medium and learn to express their ideas in written form and to publish their own story books in Mandarin.

Speaking Series: Expressive Communications (3 - 6 Yrs : 60 min | 6 - 12 Yrs : 60 min)

This course focuses on verbal Mandarin fluency.

We engage children in a fun-filled and creative way, to listen, comprehend, retell and present what they learn from newspapers, story books, leveled reading books, short videos etc. Children will increase their understanding and comprehension – learn to use vocabulary and phrases in their appropriate context, growing their confidence to express themselves fully in Mandarin.

Arts & STEM Series (3 - 6 Yrs : 60 min | 6 - 12 Yrs : 60 min)

Conducted fully in Mandarin, the Arts & STEM classes focus on increasing children’s creativity and innovation while acquiring new vocabulary.

Children will learn through Storytelling and Arts, Chinese Painting & Calligraphy, Arts & Science, Tech, Engineering and Math, kin-aesthetically.