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Mulberry House in the Media


The International School Fair Speech 2023

Talk: Raising Bilingual Kids and Global Citizens

Our founder Jessica Trainor was invited to speak about a really important topic in future education: Plan for Change & Educating For The Future. The conclusion was to help your child develop three key soft skills in an ever changing world: communication skills, critical thinking skills and empathy. The talk was so well received by parents. We welcome parents to pay us a visit and check out what the best inquiry-based bilingual education can help prepare your child for the future.

HKIBC 香港國際財經台 TV Interview 2019

Our founder Jessica Trainor was interviewed by HKIBC on education innovation and immersion education.

Here at Mulberry House, we don't simply teach Mandarin as a language. We create and cultivate a Mandarin speaking environment for kids to acquire the language and context, to learn through our thematic and STEM based programs, and to develop critical thinking in Mandarin. Watch clips below.

STEM Education

Putonghua Education

RTHK Radio e線金融網 Interview 2019

Our founder director Jessica Trainor was invited to the Hong Kong radio station Putonghua channel to talk about Hong Kong schooling, immersion education, innovation and technology. We encourage parents to listen to the podcast here.

Children playing with numbers and eggs
Expat Parent Interview 2018

"Hong Kong’s first Reggio Emilia inspired Mandarin immersion school will whisk children on a fun filled Easter learning experience. Open to ages 2 to 7 years old, children can enjoy storytelling, music and dance, Easter themed arts and crafts, magical science and an Easter egg hunt. Register before March 16 to enjoy a 20 per cent discount. Easter camps will be held at both their Central and One Island South campus."

eugenbaby interview
Eugenbaby Interview 荷花《媽媽寶寶》採訪 2018
Unique Asia Schools Guide

The comprehensive HK school guide by ITS is out! We are honoured to be featured for our unique early year mandarin immersion program. Our director Jessica Trainor has written in length on how to support Mandarin in HK, read the full article: 

article covering the speech fair
The Standard Kindergarten Fair Speech 2017

Our founder Jessica Trainor was invited to lead a panel in international education. She highlighted not only choosing Mandarin helps developing cultural awareness of Chinese heritage, it also opens up students to lots of “future opportunities” as China is developing fast in the global market. The best time to teach children languages is when they are between the ages of 0 to 5. Immersion works best!"

magazine spread of mulberry house
Kids World Magazine Interview 2017

"Mulberry House offers a nurturing setting for early childhood Mandarin Immersion Education. The school’s curriculum is tailored for children between 0-8 years old and it seamlessly integrates developmentally appropriate activities and structured play with active learning and Chinese culture appreciation, enabling children to think, speak, read and write fluently in Mandarin naturally. The school endeavors to ignite children’s curiosity and creativity, teaching them about the real world through experiential and inquiry-based learning methods."

photo of shoes
Playful Chaos Blog 2016

"導師能否讓孩子充滿興趣地投入課堂是關鍵,同時也是我分析語言班的好與壞的重點。Mulberry House的董老師絕對是我目前遇過最好的普通話導師們的其中一位。她很懂得與孩子相處,孩子快要失去集中力的時候,她懂得抓準時機引導孩子的注意力回到課堂上。課程中的遊戲也有用心設計。孩子們都玩得非常開心。老師會鼓勵孩子用普通話,整堂課都只可以用普通話交談。孩子們因為對課程內容有興趣,所以就算不懂得普通話也會盡力去聽。聽得多之後,就連由頭到尾都沒有出聲的一位小女孩到臨下課前都開金口用普通話交談。人在只有一種語言的環境中,確實是吸收得特別快。Mulberry House的普通話班確實是做得非常不錯。最重要是哥哥上完課後很樂意再回到這裡上堂。"

collage of mulberry events
Little Steps Interview 2016

"At Mulberry House, children learn through play in a completely Mandarin immersed environment, most often without realizing, they may not be using their primary language of communication! Weekly programs, lots of activities, creative and active learning for children between the 1-8 years age group, and more, this haven in Mid level's is perfect for working parents who need to make sure their kiddos are well looked after while having fun."

children playing in a classroom
Sassy Mama Hong Kong Interview 2016

"existing system was missing some key elements, such as: Not enough exposure. Not enough interesting teaching support material in Mandarin. Too much emphasis on repetitive teaching so children end up learning through rote. 

To fill these gaps the Mulberry House came about...Mulberry House cherry pick teachers who are native speakers, well qualified and innovative enough to teach Mandarin in a colourful, exciting way."

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