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Preschool Mandarin Foundation (3-6 Yrs)

Our Preschool Foundation program (3-6 Yrs) follows IB PYP’s framework of Units of Inquiry, covering the following 3 IB PYP trans-disciplinary themes: Who we are? | Where we are in place & time? | How we express ourselves?

IB pyp 3-6 yrs
3-6 yrs foundation: Inquiry-based learning
integrating chinese culture into the curriculum

Class Details:

The 90-minute class is designed for hands-on, stimulating and active learning for preschoolers, developing children’s solid foundation in listening, comprehension and verbal communication about the world through Mandarin.

It focuses on inquiring and speaking about the learning units (60 min with engaging elements such as dramatic story-telling and role-playing, visual arts and crafts, science experiments, life skills, interactive games), and reading and writing about its related Chinese characters (30 min through age appropriate activities and literacy learning progression).

Class Levels:

  • Lower Preschool 3-4.5 Yrs

  • Upper Preschool 4.5-6 Yrs

Teacher to Student Ratio:

What next?

We believe the best way to understand our unique approach is to experience it for yourself. We welcome prospective parents and children to visit us for a trial class or for a school tour.

Under Mulberry House's Enrichment Programs, subject classes — including Expressive Communication, Arts & Science, Chinese Arts & Calligraphy, Chinese Math & Applications and Literacy (Creative Reading & Writing) — are taught in Mandarin to enrich our students’ Mandarin education, and to help develop advanced vocabulary and knowledge. Learn More

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