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Interview & Test Prep (2-18 Yrs)

We offer personalised interview and test prep support for children:

  • PN & Kindergarten Interview Prep (2 - 4 Yrs : 60 min)

  • Primary School Interview Prep (4 - 10 Yrs: 90 min)

  • Test Prep For IB/IGCSE/AP Chinese (12 - 18 Yrs: 90 min)

Program Details

Interviews Prep (2-4 Yrs | 4-10 Yrs)

This class is personalised based on the interview needs and applied schools. We engage children in a fun-filled and creative way, to listen, comprehend, and to present themselves well in formal occasions. Children will increase their understanding of new vocabularies, phrases and contexts, gradually growing their confidence and expressing their thoughts and ideas fully using Mandarin Chinese.

interview preparation program
child practicing public speaking
Test Prep For IB/IGCSE/AP Chinese (12-18 Yrs: 90 min)

Preparing students to obtain high marks for Chinese tests (IB AB and B, IGCSE, AP), while enhancing students' spoken and written Chinese, and developing their love for the Chinese language and Chinese literature.

What next?

We believe the best way to understand our unique approach is to experience it for yourself. We welcome prospective parents and children to visit us for a trial class or for a school tour.

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