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NEW! Join our Summer Weekly and Monthly Pass

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summer playgroup pass poster
summer playgroup pass poster
Mandarin Immersion Summer Camp: A Mysterious Universe

3 Jul - 26 Aug 2023 | 普通話夏令營: 神秘的宇宙

Programmes Available for 3 – 12 years

Get Ready for Summer! The dangerous Jurassic Park, the ruins of the Ancient City, the precarious Ice Age... our universe is rich and colorful, but also mysterious. Hop aboard Mulberry House's time machine and let’s explore the universe! For guaranteed fun, book a space now.


Science Experiments ✦ Story Telling ✦ Visual Art ✦ Math & Logical Thinking ✦ Creative Writing Projects

科學 ✦ 故事 ✦ 藝術 ✦ 數學與邏輯思維 ✦ 創意寫作

summer playgroup pass poster
summer playgroup pass poster


  • Led by native speaking Preschool and Primary school teachers, who are passionate and experienced in teaching Mandarin language and understanding children’s holistic developmental needs

  • Children will be engaged in ample experiential learning with weekly based themes, master daily-use and academic based vocabulary, developing confidence to listen and converse, and build foundations to read and write

  • Small, personalised, and innovative classes, igniting your child’s love for the Mandarin language

Physical Camp:

  • Mon-Sat Schedules: 9-12 noon | 2-5 pm (3 Hours): Daily enrolment HKD 1160

  • Flexible day enrolment & bundled weekly enrolment

Contact us at various locations:

Central Campus 中環:      hello@mulberryhouseasia.com5598 0509

Southside Campus 南區: southside@mulberryhousekg.com5598 0555

Taipo Campus 大埔:         hello@mulberryhousekg.com5598 0909

Summer Camp Registration
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Book Multiple Weeks!


The dangerous Jurassic Park, the ruins of the Ancient City, the precarious Ice Age... our universe is rich and colourful, but also mysterious. Hop aboard Mulberry House's time machine and let’s explore the universe!

summer camp banner


In the distant Jurassic era, there were not only a variety of dinosaurs, but also ancient trees. Let's pick up our magnifying glasses and be a little archaeologist! Complete various research tasks and share the observation diary with mom and dad!

summer camp banner


Let's travel back in time to the endless ice age. See the most iconic prehistoric animals, recreate the Great Migration of the wildlife, and feel the thrill of melting icebergs... Join us on this frozen adventure!

summer camp banner


Do you know how does the ugliest fish in the world look like? Blue ringed octopus is poisonous? Do all the fish on the bottom of the sea glow? There are so many amazing creatures waiting to be discovered on the wonderful seabed. Buckle up, the time machine is going down deep!

summer camp banner


Legend has it, a mysterious tree sits in the Secret Garden, say a spell and flowers of different colours will grow. It is also said that in the garden, the birds take form of bees, and the bees look like bears! Come, children! Unveil the mystery of this garden!

summer camp banner


"You reap what you sow." Then… can we grow piglets out of bacon? Or can we sow tiny Lego seeds to get a bigger Lego? With the tools in your hands, plant your wishes, cultivate with your heart, record what you observe, and the incredibleness of farming is for you to explore. There will be a lot of small animals waiting for everyone at the Super Farm!

summer camp banner



The time machine made a crash landing in a dangerous rainforest. Ready for a thrilling adventure? As the captain of the Adventure Team, the teacher will show everyone how to navigate, what to do when encountering snakes, and what to do if the supplies run low... Let's build the sturdiest raft and head deep into the magnificent rainforest!

summer camp banner



More than 2,000 years ago, the ancient city of Loulan was the first stop in the history of the Silk Road, but then it fell into ruins and disappeared. The desert is unique both in climate and geographically. Let us follow the footsteps of the ancients and explore the history Loulan, which was once filled with treasures, and now a no man’s land.

summer camp banner week 8



Do aliens really exist? What do they look like? Where else can we go besides Earth if Aliens invades? Follow the teacher to understand the mysterious universe and modern advanced technology, unfold your imagination, and design your own Noah's Ark!

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