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NEW! Mid Term Camp

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Mid-Term Camp

3 Oct - 28 Oct 2023

Programmes Available for 2 – 6 years


Mulberry House HALF-TERM Bilingual Multi Activity Camp FOR KIDS: Ages 2-6 Yrs *3 Locations: Central | Southside | Tai Po 

Kicks start your child’s bilingual journey in the most fun way possible. Mulberry House schools presents an array activities during the term break from October 3rd to 28th, 2023, across 3 locations in Central, Southside and Tai Po! Whether your child's interests is in dancing or sports, or in science or arts, or you are looking at boosting your child’s academic and language skills, Mulberry House has got you covered. We work hard to make sure we nurture well-rounded children, working on their 4 domains of cognitive development, physical development, language development, and social emotional development. Seize this opportunity and partner with us to realize your child’s full potential today. 


  • When: October 3-28 Mon - Sat, 2023, 1-3 Hour sessions available 

  • Cost: HK$300-386 Per hourly session 

Contact us at various locations:

Central Campus 中環:      hello@mulberryhouseasia.com5598 0509

Southside Campus 南區: southside@mulberryhousekg.com5598 0555

Taipo Campus 大埔:         hello@mulberryhousekg.com5598 0909

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